Deploying Ocsigen applications


I have written a short text on how Ocsigen applications might be packed in order to be deployed to other nodes, that don’t have your development environment installed.

Deploying Ocsigen

If you happen to have a better way, or solutions to parts that I have not been able to solve, please let me know.

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Generally, I’ve had good success containerizing all my apps.

It works with many technologies, forces you to simplify/standardize your build and deployment processes. Plus it solves the problem of having apps with conflicting dependencies running on the same server.

I don’t know if it’s “better" though.


Thank you! That’s interesting.

Be Sport is using Docker containers on EC2. Maybe @vouillon or @Jean_Dutier can give more info about that.

I started last week to work on a simpler way to run Ocsigen Server without config file and with static linking. The feature existed for years but was not documented (and was not implemented for all modules and not fully functional).

My draft PR is here: Using Ocsigen Server without configuration file (and with static linking) by balat · Pull Request #238 · ocsigen/ocsigenserver · GitHub

My goal is to make Ocsigen Server easier to use for example as a unikernel with MirageOS.
For Eliom, I think I will add an optional parameter to the register function for the and on which you want your service to be registered.

I will try to complete it soon and make a release and document it.




This sounds interesting and I’m looking forward for it. Looks like everyone is using containers for everything these days, but it’s nice to have the option to “travel light”.

Hans Ole

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