Dependency visualization tool

Google recently introduced a new dependency visualization tool - Insights. Currently they support NPM (JS), Go, Maven (Java), Cargo (Rust).

Maybe it would be beneficial for OCaml community/ecosystem join the efforts. Also the OCaml-on-JS part of our community as well.


In the past, I’ve found doing this sort of dependency-graphing to be very useful for figuring out where modularization in a large system needs to be applied. And it’s not very hard to do, based on ocamldep output or other dependency information that already exists.

On a lark, I wrote something that did this for installed findlib packages:

I mention this not to plug the tool, but rather, just to note that it’s really easy, and yeah, people should avail themselves of this more.

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I like how also lets you select the coloring based on various scorings of each library.

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My goto command for this is feh =(ocamldep * | ocamldot | dot -Tpng -Gdpi=300) - it’s very useful for both exploring new codebases and doing larger refactoring work.