Codept sees two files in one ("Local module conflict, module provided simultaneously")

I’m learning codept, and I tried to use it on the easy_logging package.

So I went to, donwloaded a copy, cd’ed into that copy and cd’ed into the easy_logging subdirectory, and then tried the following command :

codept . -pkg unix -pkg calendar -deps

I got the following, rather mysterious message :

$ codept . -pkg unix -pkg calendar -deps
[Fatal error]: Local module conflict,
Module Easy_logging is provided simultaneously by ./ and

codept seems to consider ./ and as different files, even though they’re one and the same in Unix ???
This is not documented in the man page or readme unless I missed something.

That is a codept bug which is triggered by the fact that you are giving as an argument twice (since is part of the . directory).
Did you mean to use

codept . -pkg unix -pkg calendar -deps -ancestors-of