Batteries v3.1.0

OCaml Batteries Included is a community-maintained extended standard library for OCaml.

The latest API can be found here:

This minor release adds support for OCaml 4.11.
It has been available in opam for some days.

Special thanks to all the contributors!

The changelog follows:

  • Compatibility fixes for OCaml-4.11
    (Jerome Vouillon)
  • BatEnum: added combination
    (Chimrod, review by hcarty)
  • fix benchmarks
    (Cedric Cellier)
  • BatFile: added count_lines
    (Francois Berenger, review by Cedric Cellier)
  • BatArray: use unsafe_get and unsafe_set more often
    (Francois Berenger, review by Cedric Cellier)
  • fix some tests for ocaml-4.10.0
  • BatResult: BatPervasives.result is now equal to Stdlib.result
    instead of sharing constructors without being the same type
    #939, #957
    (Clément Busschaert, Cedric Cellier).