[ANN] uri.4.4.0

Yours truly is delighted to announce the release of Uri 4.4.0. ocaml-uri is a library for manipulating URIs in accordance with RFC 3986. This announcement allows us to clarify a breaking change in the interpretation of IPv6. Previous versions did not interpret IPv6 in the host part of the URI - we simply escaped the special characters. This version of uri now interprets IPv6 addresses in the host part. This implies a change in the library’s behaviour which may have some impact on software using this library. This announcement clarifies this “breaking change”.

The library is available from OPAM: opam install uri.4.4.0. From what we have been able to observe, this breaking-change does not have a direct impact on the ecosystem. The release went ahead without any software being broken. However, we would like to warn you of such a change. The issues are open if you notice any unwanted behaviour in the library.