[ANN] Snóke, a good (?) old game


I’m proud to announce a super original new game entirely written in ocaml, one that you can not play in your browser (this is to save energy, of course :wink: ): Snóke!
The ó is for Ocaml, or Original, or whatever.

Yes, it is yet another variant of the classic 1976 snake video game, but there is a new idea (well, at least I couldn’t find it elsewhere, please don’t disprove me): the goal is not to eat as many apples as possible, but just the exact amount to cover a “shed skin” (or ghost snake, if you prefer, this is the grey snake in the screenshot).

You can already have… well maybe a few minutes of fun with it, but of course contributors are welcome to make it even better.

Vidéo: Snóke 2022 05 10 - YouTube


Tonight snóke celebrates Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:

[EDIT] you have to run the game to see it…

[EDIT] Halloween is over, back to the “normal” version!


Thanks, I like it :slight_smile:

As a noob to Ocaml, it’ll serve as a great reference for me, I wasn’t aware such game programming was possible with the language (in a practical sens).

I found the share/config folder requirement confusing for local dev, it’d be nice if you could expand on that in the README or via comments

Build failure from git clone:

# File "src/snoke.ml", line 37, characters 8-24:                                                                          
# 37 |   match Theme.find_share "snoke" "SnakeChan-MMoJ.ttf" with
#              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                                                                                           
# Error: Unbound value Theme.find_share 

Or runtime error when overriding the prefix function to equal: . (dot, the current dir):

Loading Bogue 20221002 with config dir /home/user/.opam/4.14.0/share/bogue/themes/default
INFO: Using SDL 2.0.10
Level = 0
Fatal error: exception Bogue__B_utils.Sdl_error("SDL ERROR: Couldn't open /home/user/.opam/4.14.0/share/bogue/themes/default/./sounds/great.wav")

Hi, did you “pin” the dev version of bogue before compiling? (as indicated in snoke’s README) ?

opam pin add https://github.com/sanette/bogue.git

(you might need to opam upgrade bogue after this)

The current opam version of bogue is not sufficient for snoke, precisely because of the new Theme.find_share function.

in fact this folder is not required: if you work in the snoke/src directory and did not install the game via opam install . then the assets (images, sounds) will be loaded directly from that dir.

That was it many thanks, I did miss that first step :+1:

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Update: the game is now available from the opam repository!