[ANN] routes v1.0.0 released


I’d like to announce release of version 1.0.0 of routes. The PR to opam repository has been merged, and the new release should be available via opam once the package cache refreshes.

Routes provides a DSL for typed bi-directional URI dispatch. It allows writing route definitions that can be used for both matching, and printing URI paths. The internal representation of the router uses a trie to perform route matching.

Changes since the last opam release:

  • Support for merging two routers by adding a union operation (#115, @Chattered)
  • Support for wildcard parameters (#118, #129, @Lupus) → Compile time checks ensure that wildcard parameters can only be defined at the end of a route
  • Support map operation for path parameter definitions, and support defining path prefixes that can be pre-prended to other routes (#121, @Chattered)
  • Addition of a ksprintf style function for routes. (#123, @Chattered)

Examples of how to use the library are available in the tests and in a small demo

Documentation can be found here


1.0.0 is available via opam now - opam - routes.1.0.0