[ANN] Release: scikit-learn, Numpy, Scipy for OCaml, 0.3.1

I’ve just released an update of OCaml wrappers for scikit-learn:

These bindings also come with bindings for Numpy (opam install np) and Scipy (opam install scipy).

Scikit-learn is all of these things:

  • Simple and efficient tools for predictive data analysis
  • Accessible to everybody, and reusable in various contexts
  • Built on NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib
  • Open source, commercially usable - BSD license

Scikit-learn is robust, well-engineered and covers most basic machine learning use cases. As a professional data scientist I use it extensively from Python. I built these wrappers because I felt challenged by my friend @UnixJunkie’s funny R wrappers.

I don’t depend personally on these packages and maintain/improve them without any guarantees. They have many unpolished corners. However, they have tests and I don’t expect them to add too many bugs to scikit-learn. Contributions and bug reports are welcome (but be aware that the bindings are generated from a big hairy Python script).

Many thanks to everybody involved in opam!