[ANN] Release of ocaml-pandoc 0.1.0

Hi everybody,

I have just released ocaml-pandoc, a native OCaml library to write filters for pandoc, which is a markdown-to-anything converter. It has allowed me to write some simple filters I needed (such as for including code snippets, which is not supported natively).

The support is not complete yet however, I might add more if needed (and pull-requests are of course accepted :slight_smile:).


This is awesome. Consider announcing this on haskell discourse as well.

Sounds interesting. Last time I wanted a Pandoc filter, I made it in Lua because it was the simplest and most performant thing to do.

Do they promise AST format stability and how stable is it in practice?

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I don’t know for sure how stable the AST is (the only solid documentation I could get is from the Haskell library), but it does not seem to be changing much.