[ANN] Release 0.5.4 of `Fmlib_browser`

It is a pleasure to announce the release 0.5.4 of Fmlib_browser. The library helps to write interactive webapplications running in the browser. It is quite easy to write interactive webapplications with the help of this library. The user code is purely descriptive (aka functional) which avoids many common errors.

You can find some simple examples here and in the overview.

Install the library with

opam install fmlib_browser

The new release 0.5.4 fixes some bugs in the initial version 0.5.3 and has some minor added functionality.


I’m really glad you’re creating this lib!

One of my goals in learning OCaml is to create a type-safe bridge between OCaml and Elm as I really like Elm for the frontend, I think its architecture makes a lot of sens.

Anyhow, this is gonna take me quite some time as I have a lot to learn but with you’re lib, I can see some options opening up, I may be able to do full-stack OCaml in a very nice way instead!

Here’s my implementation of the temp converter (with a few variations), for anyone not familiar with this architecture and wanting extra reference points.

N.B. I’ve got a hot-reload setup in that repo, though a little hacky.

There’s a pretty faithful port of the Elm architecture into ReScript: GitHub - darklang/rescript-tea: The Elm Architecture for Rescript

Thanks for the heads up, Interesting technology!

Overall I’m pretty sure I prefer OCaml, syntax wise and for its consistency.
The tooling is very good though, good to know there are options!

I ported over the same exercise to Rescript here if anyone’s interested and wants to do a quick compare (it’s almost a word for word clone of the original):

ReScript is a fork of the OCaml compiler and also supports OCaml syntax.

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