[ANN] pyml_bindgen: a CLI app to generate Python bindings directly from OCaml value specifications

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to announce the first release of pyml_bindgen, a CLI app for generating Python bindings using pyml directly from OCaml value specifications.

Manually writing bindings to Python libraries can get tedious pretty quickly. pyml_bindgen aims to help you avoid a lot of the repetitive work when binding Python libraries by letting you focus on the OCaml side of things and (mostly) not worrying about the implementation of the pyml bindings.

Quick start

First, install pyml_bindgen. It is available on Opam.

$ opam install pyml_bindgen

Say you have a Python class you want to bind and use in OCaml. (Filename: adder.py)

class Adder:
    def add(x, y):
        return x + y

To do so, you write OCaml value specifications for the class and methods you want to bind. (Filename: val_specs.txt)

val add : x:int -> y:int -> unit -> int

Then, you run pyml_bindgen.

$ pyml_bindgen val_specs.txt adder Adder --caml-module Adder > lib.ml

Now you can use your generated functions in your OCaml code. (Filename: run.ml)

open Lib

let () = Py.initialize ()

let result = Adder.add ~x:1 ~y:2 ()

let () = assert (result = 3)

Finally, set up a dune file and run it.

 (name run)
 (libraries pyml))
$ dune exec ./run.exe


For more information on installing and using pyml_bindgen, check out the docs. There you will find lots of tips and examples to help you get started!


This looks very useful and the documentation is neat. Thank you!
I am looking forward to seeing this evolve.

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Thanks…hopefully the docs are actually helpful as I spent a good amount of time on them!

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