[ANN] Progress 0.2.0

I’m pleased to announce the 0.2.0 release of Progress, now available via Opam.

Progress is an OCaml library for defining and using progress bars. It has the following features:

  • allows user-defined progress bar layouts;
  • supports rendering multiple progress bars simultaneously;
  • dynamically responds to changes in terminal size;
  • supports interleaving logging with progress bar rendering.

This second release contains a much-improved DSL for specifying progress bars, alongside improvements and extensions to the rendering logic. The bars in the screenshot above are defined as follows:

let bar ~color ~total =
  let open Progress.Line in
    [ spinner ~color:(Progress.Color.ansi `green) ()
    ; brackets (elapsed ())
    ; bar ~color total
    ; bytes
    ; parens (const "eta: " ++ eta total)

It also comes with more complete documentation and many more examples, including:

  • a Cargo-like progress bar w/ logging of intermediate results:

  • a Yarn-like stack of spinners:

  • a showcase of various progress bar styles:

The changelog is here and the API documentation is here. The library is not yet feature-complete, but should still be reasonably useful :slight_smile: Happy hacking!


Damn, that is a very polished library, congrats! :smiley:

You are missing a very important one: pacman progress bars !


Thanks :blush:

Excellent point; will add one of these ASAP :grin: