[ANN] `ppx_minidebug` automates the printf in printf-style debugging

I’m happy to announce ppx_minidebug:

  • Which is a syntax extension to instrument type-annotated bindings and functions with logging.
  • The extension supports 3 value conversion mechanisms: pp and show from deriving.show, and sexp from ppx_sexp_conv.
  • The minidebug_runtime package provides 3 logging backends: Format based purely on formatters, Flushing that converts to strings first and flushes output after every entry, and PrintBox that pretty-prints as trees using the printbox package.
  • I reference a VS Code extension that builds flame graphs for the Flushing logger out-of-the-box.

ppx_minidebug is now accepted to the opam repository! :slight_smile:

However I forgot to update the documentation: there’s no minidebug_runtime package anymore, just a ppx_minidebug.runtime library.

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