[ANN] pp-binary-ints 0.1.1

Tired of printing octals and hexadecimals and then mentally converting them to bits. Ever wanted to just see the bits in an int? Now you can!

Just run opam install pp-binary-ints and off you go:

# Pp_binary_ints.Int.to_string 0b10101001;;
- : string = "10101001"

You can find the documentation for the project and more examples of how to use it here.

The library is very customizable.

  • You can choose to print with 0b prefixes and _ separators.
  • You can choose to print zeros just like the non-zeros, with prefixes and separators.
  • If you use zero padding, you can control how many leading zeros show up with the ~min_width argument.
  • It correctly handles the edge cases when adding _ separators: you won’t get leading underscores.
  • It includes pretty printers that work with Format and Fmt , not just to_string functions.
  • Supports int, int32, int64, and nativeint.
  • Don’t like the default prefixes and suffixes? Customize the prefixes and suffixes with the provided functor.