[ANN] Osbx 1.0.0 - Implementation of SeqBox in OCaml

I am pleased to announce the first release of osbx is available through opam!

SeqBox is a single file container/archive that can be reconstructed even after total loss of file system structures. (from official SeqBox)

In short, a SeqBox(denoted as sbx below) container contains enough metadata to keep track of a single file independently. Once you have encoded your file in sbx format, you can even read it off the disk directly, bypassing the file system!
And since your file is split and stored as blocks(possible block sizes are : 512, 128, 4096), your data can survive fragmentation from the file system as well.

See the official SeqBox for a more detailed overview of what SeqBox is : https://github.com/MarcoPon/SeqBox

Osbx contains some more advanced features that allow potentially more effective use of sbx containers.

Osbx repo : https://github.com/darrenldl/ocaml-SeqBox/