[ANN] opam-publish 2.3.0

Hi everyone,

We’re pleased to announce the release of opam-publish 2.3.0.

This release, apart from a couple of light improvements, mainly consists of the following new option:

  • You can now use opam-publish with the --no-confirmation argument for use in automated pipeline. Use this option with extreme caution if you do use it.

The full changelog is available here.

The opam team.


I don’t remember dune-release making use of opam-publish? And opam-repository/CONTRIBUTING.md at ocaml/opam-repository uses dune-release extensively. Is opam-publish meant for people who either don’t use or don’t want to rely too heavily on Dune? Or does it afford more flexibility?

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No dune-release does not use opam-publish.

CONTRIBUTING.md from opam-repository will be improved in the next two weeks anyway but the only reason why dune-release is step-by-step explained is because an external contributor put some work to add it there, whereas the historical part explaining opam-publish is simply a redirection opam-publish’s documentation.

Both projects are separate things and have their own strengths and weaknesses:

  • opam-publish: small/simple, flexible and works with any kind of projects
  • dune-release: more complete, opinionated and tailored experience for dune/github

In a nutshell opam-publish only does publishing to opam-repository (or any other repository) from any kind of source, whereas dune-release does opinionated tagging, testing, documentation publishing, github releasing, packaging and publishing for dune projects on github.

I’m obviously biased but personally i can’t use dune-release as there is always a bug preventing me to use it and do not like its opinionated choices.
For my personal projects i usually use my own release script which uses parts of dune-release as well as opam-publish for the actual publishing.