[ANN] OCaml's CI is gradually moving to GitHub Actions

The OCaml team started switching to GitHub Actions last year for some of the official OCaml repositories. Also, we have released some CI related stuff, such as setup-ocaml, to the community. Some OCaml hackers also know that CI in the OCaml community is gradually switching to GitHub Actions nowadays.

However, what gradually became a problem when we started switching was that the number of concurrent jobs that could run in a free account on GitHub was not enough for our activeness.

One of the major pain points for compiler contributors is that the wait time for CI to complete, which is unrelated to the actual build, is too long. However, this has been a pain point in all services, even before GitHub Actions.

The GitHub team did their best to help us make it better. As a result, they offered to upgrade the OCaml organization’s plan to the team plan for free, which means that we can now benefit from a range of features, including access to 3x more concurrent runners than before.

About team plan: Usage limits, billing, and administration - GitHub Docs
Concurrency/plan: GitHub's products - GitHub Docs

We would like to thank GitHub for supporting our team and Ahmed Bilal, who supported this effort.


Awesome! That’s so nice of them.