[ANN] ocamlbuild 0.12.0

On November 11th we released OCamlbuild 0.12.0.

OCamlbuild is a build system for OCaml projects, that tries to require minimal effort for simple projects yet scale to more complex builds.

OCamlbuild 0.12.0 is a maintenance release containing mostly bugfixes and a few user-contributed features. (This release was not required by OCaml 4.06, as previous versions of ocamlbuild work just fine with 4.06.)

  • #227: install signatures.{mli,cmi,cmti} to help documentation tools
    (Daniel Bünzli and Gabriel Scherer)

  • #232: fix Windows install rules
    (David Allsopp)

  • #234: add “afl_instrument” and “afl_inst_ratio” flags for corresponding ocamlopt options.
    (Jeremy Yallop)

  • #237: extend cc/ccopt/cclib flags to apply to “ocaml” compilation as well, as tweaking the C linker can be required for pure-OCaml projects – see #236
    (Gabriel Scherer, report by Nathan Rebours)

  • #253: only run native tests if ocamlopt is available.
    (Ximin Luo, review by whitequark and Gabriel Scherer)

  • #256, #258: pass -keep-docs and -keep-locs when using -pack
    (Gabriel Scherer, report by Vincent Jacques)

  • #257, #259: add _opam to the list of directories ignored by default; it is used for package-local opam switches
    (Gabriel Scherer, request by Edwin Török)