[ANN] ocaml-rpc 2.0.0 released

I am pleased to annunce the release of version 2.0.0 of the ocaml-rpc library in opam. This is a library to deal with json and xml RPC in ocaml. It allows to create helpers to convert from and to rpc calls, and to generate clients and servers.

This version includes bug fixes and compatibility fixes for the ppx rewriter, and improves the library compliance for the JsonRPC v2.0 protocol and it’s the last backward compatible version.

The next version will be ported to ocaml-versioned-parsetree and jbuilder, and will be splitted into few different packages.



Also, both JSON and XML are heavy formats. How about msgpack support for more efficiency?

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Sorry for the missing link, you can find the package on mirage/ocaml-rpc.

For the moment there is no plan to introduce msgpack (and I don’t know it well enough), but a PR is always welcome!
As an alternative protocol you could also use capnproto-rpc.