[ANN] ocaml-gemini 0.1

Hello, I’d like to announce the initial release of ocaml-gemini, a pure OCaml library that fully implements the Gemini REST api as well as market data and private order events websocket apis.

For those unfamiliar, Gemini is a well established cryptocurrency exchange launched by the notorious Winklevoss Twins (unfortunately the exchange is written in Go, but I digress).

The implemention depends on cohttp-async, websocket-async, and yojson for serialization support. nocrypto is used for the session authentication. If there is sufficient interest by the community I can extend the code to support a lwt version.

A console interface is also provided which accepts s-expressions as parameters. It is mostly used to test the api or do quick and dirty order management.

Finally, any feedback on the api or PRs are welcome, as usual.

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