[ANN] New release of tablecloth

Hey folks,

I’ve just released a new version of tablecloth - an easy-to-use, comprehensive standard library that has the same API on all OCaml/ReasonML/Bucklescript platforms.

0.0.7 is a pretty decent release, including many new functions in the List, Array, Int, Float, Option, and Result modules, as well as the addition of a new Fun module and support for the latest version of bs-platform for the bucklescript version of tablecloth.

See the tablecloth github repo for installation instructions, or read the full changelog, or the original announcement of tablecloth for motivation.

In addition, Dean Merchant and I have agreed to merge his Standard library into tablecloth. Dean has done a significant amount of the work in tablecloth since the original release, and we plan to release a version 0.0.8 after merging the two code bases together. Dean is now a maintainer of tablecloth.