[ANN] New release of Monolith (20201026)

Dear OCaml users,

It is my pleasure to announce a major new release of Monolith.

  opam update && opam install monolith

Monolith offers facilities for testing an OCaml library (for instance, a data structure implementation) by comparing it against a reference implementation. It can be used to perform either random testing or fuzz testing. Fuzz testing relies on the external tool afl-fuzz.

More information on Monolith is available here and in the draft paper Strong Automated Testing of OCaml Libraries.

Happy hacking & testing,

François Pottier.


This looks interesting. I’m curious what the relation between monolith and qcstm (presented at OCaml 2020 workshop, recorded video) is?

(Sorry for the late reply.) In short, I think Monolith automates the process to a greater extent: you describe the API of your library and provide a reference implementation, and Monolith does the rest. You don’t have to write the code that generates and executes sequences of operations.