[ANN] New release of Cucumber ML 1.0.3

I am pleased to announce the release of Cucumber ML 1.0.3. Cucumber ML is a library that brings Behavior Driven Development to OCaml via Cucumber. Essentially, Cucumber is a way to communicate using plain language between software development teams and non-developer stakeholders that can be turned into code to be executed.

This release updates the underlying dependency on the gherkin language parser, gherkin-c up-to-date with the latest version of that library (7.0.4). This will deal with those pesky compile errors. Just a note here, that you will need to installed the gherkin parser as a shared object (aka a shared library) on your system for Cucumber ML to link against.


There are a bunch of things that I could be doing and here are a couple that I will be thinking about in the near future:

  • Releasing the library via OPAM for ease of install
  • A more flexible Reporting structure that user can extend via functors with some sensible defaults to choose from