[ann] MDX 1.11.0

Dear :camel:-riders,

On behalf of the MDX maintainers I’d like to announce the availability of MDX 1.11.0. This is mostly a maintenance release but it prepares for a 2.0 release soon. The most important change in this regard is that it will output deprecation warnings when OCaml toplevel lines are not ;; terminated.

As an example this will trigger a deprecation warning to be printed on stderr:

# List.map (fun x -> x + 1) [1; 2; 3]
- : int list = [2; 3; 4

Note that this will only print a warning, it will still process these lines correctly and output code just like before. To avoid the warning, make sure to add terminating ;;:

# List.map (fun x -> x + 1) [1; 2; 3];;
- : int list = [2; 3; 4

To ease migration, MDX 2.0 will change behaviour and insert ;; into the output so users will be able to use e.g. dune promote to get their source files updated with ;;. In MDX 3.0 reading toplevel phrases without the trailing ;; will be finally unsupported and the deprecation warning will be removed.

Happy documenting!



  • Add a deprecation warning for toplevel blocks that are not terminated with ;; (#342, @Leonidas)


  • Fix accidental redirect of stderr to stdout (#343, @Leonidas)
  • Remove trailing whitespaces that were added to indent empty lines (#341, @gpetiot)