[ANN] Liquidsoap 2.2.5 is out!

Hi everyone!

Liquidsoap 2.2.5 has out! Full release details are here: Release Liquidsoap 2.2.5 · savonet/liquidsoap · GitHub

Liquidsoap is a statically typed scripting general-purpose language with dedicated operators and backend for all thing media, streaming, file generation, automation, HTTP backend and more.

This is hopefully the last release of the 2.2.x release cycle before we kick off the new 2.3.x release cycle. We’ve got a couple feature to bring there and then it’ll be ready for more testing.

Liquidsoap 2.2.5 has some good bugfixes and some minor changes but its most exciting feature is the autocue . It was developed in close collaboration with several users. The feature is an opt-in crossfade extension that computes the perfect crossfade transitions for your tracks.

Over the years, it’s been very interesting to maintain an application and language that is now pretty large and complex using the OCaml compiler and ecosystem. It’s amazing to see how easy it is now to build integrate new packages. It also brings in some interesting, real-life challenges such as some very specific memory issues.

Next, we would like to work on optimizing the language by introducing modules, to reduce the standard library’s memory footprint, and to use the new OCaml parallelism to fully leverage CPU and memory usage when streaming large amount of data such as video streams.