[ANN] Jerboa 0.1 (Web framework) and SandDB 0.2 (Database)

Jerboa 0.1
Today I published Jerboa on opam, which is a minimalistic web framework.
The main goals of the project is to make a framework, which is

  • Small and Minimalistic, so it’s easy to understand
  • Flexible, so it doesn’t get in your way
  • Easy to use, which means that you only need to understand the basic building blocks to use it

The framework has still a long way to go and it’s not as feature rich as opium at the moment.
What’s missing currently that will be worked on:

  • HTTPS support
  • Nice way to serve static files
  • Security wise covering the owasp top 10 list
  • Authentication

Off Topic: Currently the framework is built on top of cohttp, but I was thinking about trying out httpaf also, but the inactive status of the project worries me.

SandDB 0.2
I published this update on SandDB one moth ago and it was mainly a fixing and refactoring release, which included:

  • Using dune instead of jbuilder
  • Switching to opam 2.0
  • Renaming a bunch of module
  • Refactoring out the implementation details into non-visible modules
  • Using Set instead of a List for filtering out non-visible records
  • Adding online documentation via github pages

For future releases I will concentrate on adding:

  • Forward and Backward streams
  • Generic database and serializer interface
  • Making the database id customizable

Links to projects:
Jerboa: https://github.com/StrykerKKD/Jerboa
SandDB: https://github.com/StrykerKKD/SandDB