ANN: jbuilder 1.0+beta15

On behalf of the jbuilder team, I’m happy to announce the release of the 15th beta of jbuilder. This release contains some nice improvements to odoc generation, an important fix for 4.06.0, and completely reworked aliases. The new aliases gets rid of the so called “recursive” aliases. Now all aliases, whether defined by the user or jbuilder, are non-recursive. The only thing that is now “recursive” is when asking jbuilder to build an alias @path/foo, it will build all aliases @foo defined under all recursive subdirectories in path. For example, $ jbuilder build @src/doc will build all the docs defined in the all libraries under src.

Some of you may have noticed that jbuilder.1.0+beta15 already made it to opam-repository and then was pulled. This was done entirely due to my mistake. I apologize for any inconvenience I might have caused. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, the resubmitted release will be merged to opam-repository.

As usual, the change log is available here for your convenience:

  • Change the semantic of aliases: there are no longer aliases that are
    recursive such as install or runtest. All aliases are
    non-recursive. However, when requesting an alias from the command
    line, this request the construction of the alias in the specified
    directory and all its children recursively. This allows users to get
    the same behavior as previous recursive aliases for their own
    aliases, such as example. Inside jbuild files, one can use (deps (... (alias_rec xxx) ...)) to get the same behavior as on the
    command line. (#268)

  • Include sub libraries that have a . in the generated documentation index

  • Fix “up” links to the top-level index in the odoc generated documentation

  • Fix ARCH_SIXTYFOUR detection for OCaml 4.06.0 (#303)