[ANN] http-cookie v4.2.0

Dear OCamlers,

I am pleased to announce v4.* series release of http-cookie. The v4 release contains many new enhancements to make working with cookies in OCaml web applications a little bit easier.

v4.. release series features the following additions and changes:

  1. Add pretty printers - pp, pp_date_time and pp_same_site. These can be used during debugging and in a OCaml toplevel session
  2. Flatten out Same_site module
  3. Add of_cookie to parse Cookie header.
  4. Add of_set_cookie to parse Set-Cookie header. This can be used by http client applications
  5. Rename of_cookie_header to of_cookie, to_cookie_header_value to to_cookie, to_set_cookie_header_value to to_set_cookie to enhance API ergonomics
  6. Add validation for cookie domain value which consists of - host name, IPv4 and IPv6 - to conform to their respective RFC specs - Domain name RFC(RFC 1034), RFC 1123 and draft IPv4 and IPv6 RFCs.
  7. Improve documentation