[ANN] First release of ortac-core, ortac-runtime and ortac-qcheck-stm

We are very happy to announce the initial release of ortac-core, ortac-runtimeandortac-qcheck-stm`.

Ortac is a runtime assertion checking tool for OCaml based on Gospel specification language.

ortac-core package exposes a library to translate a subset of Gospel specification language into OCaml terms. It also provides the ortac command-line tool. You will need to have one of Ortac plugins installed to use the ortac command-line tool.

ortac-runtime provides runtime environment that the translated terms depend on. In particular, it provides an implementation of the executable subset of the Gospel standard library.

ortac-qcheck-stm provides a plugin for Ortac. It generates QCheck-STM tests for a module specified with Gospel. QCheck-STM is a model-based testing framework and Ortac/QCheck-STM relies on the Gospel models you gave in the specifications to build the QCheck-STM tests. See the documentation for more details on how to write the specifications and how to uses the tool to test your libraries.