[ANN] first release of orf: OCaml Random Forests

I finished implementing a classifier and regressor using Random Forests
(seminal paper: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1023/A:1010933404324):

Some caveats:

  • this is somewhat slow; especially the classifier
    (and I don’t know so much how to accelerate it; probably two orders of magnitude slower
    than sklearn).
  • this is not super generic (int IntMap sparse features only; i.e. a sparse vector of integers
    represents a sample).

The package is now available in opam (opam install orf).

Two interfaces are exposed:

RFC (for classification)

RFR (for regression)

The test file shows some usage examples:

If you want to help, I tried to flag a few things for the near future:

If you use it and if it is useful to you, I would be happy to know.

Happy hacking,