[ANN] dune 3.14

We’re happy to announce that Dune 3.14.2 is now available.

Note that due to a regression that was detected before publishing to opam version 3.14.1 should not be used. The fix for the regression is part of this release.

This feature brings some small bugfixes around the handling of Coq as well as solves an issue where Dune is running on Windows in a path that contains Unicode characters. This affected e.g. users with diacritics or non-latin script in their name when running Dune within their home directory.

  • When a directory is changed to a file, correctly remove it in subsequent
    dune build runs. (#9327, fix #6575, @emillon)

  • Fix a problem with the doc-new target where transitive dependencies were
    missed during compile. This leads to missing expansions in the output docs.
    (#9955, @jonludlam)

  • coq: fix performance regression in coqdep unescaping (#10115, fixes #10088,
    @ejgallego, thanks to Dan Christensen for the report)

  • coq: memoize coqdep parsing, this will reduce build times for Coq users, in
    particular for those with many .v files (#10116, @ejgallego, see also #10088)

  • on Windows, use an unicode-aware version of CreateProcess to avoid crashes
    when paths contains non-ascii characters. (#10212, fixes #10180, @emillon)

  • fix compilation on non-glibc systems due to signal.h not being pulled in
    spawn stubs. (#10256, @emillon)