[ANN] containers 3.3

I’m glad to announce the release of containers 3.3. Containers is an extension to OCaml’s standard library that strives to be compatible with it, with more features and a few additional modules to get dynamic arrays, heaps, S-expression parser/printer, etc.

In this release, we have new support for parsing/printing canonical S-expressions (a simple binary-safe format), a code-generation module for bitfields, and many improvements to existing modules in particular in the interface between maps/set/hashtbl and iterators.

More details in the github release.

Many thanks to the contributors, in particular @Fardale for his work on CI and auto-doc-generation.


Thanks @c-cube.

I truly believe having a variety of standard libraries (Stdlib,Batteries,Containers,Core) is an asset of OCaml. It’s especially nice to see how you have done compared to how i would have do. There is still room for wanna-be standard library creators. If somebody wants to perpetuate the OCaml-Reins-way i would applause rather than cry for fragmentation.

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