[ANN] aws-s3 4.0.1

I’m happy to announce aws-s3 4.0.1

The aws-s3 library provides access to Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3). Operations include: get, put, head, delete, delete_multi, ls, multipart upload and s3 to s3 copying. The library includes functions to get machine role and security token (credentials) through AWS Identity and Access Management service (IAM). The library supports both lwt and async concurrency models.

Lots of changes have been made in this release, but most noticeably is the introduction of a streaming api, which will reduce latency and memory footprint as objects does not need to be held in memory in full during transfer.

The release contains some trivial breaking changes (module renaming), and upgrading should be strait forward.

Changes since version 3.0.0:

  • Support HEAD operation on objects.
  • Change signature to use string for etag rather than Caml.Digest.t
  • Support Digest 0.6
  • Remove dependency to Core
  • Rewrite authentication code
  • Switch to use Ptime for time conversion routines
  • Support chunked transfer (put)
  • Add streaming API
  • Remove dependency on Cohttp
  • Switch to dune
  • Support IPv6
  • Add option to use expect-100.
  • Add option to limit result of ls
  • Extend aws-cli
  • Move region related functions to own Region module
  • Fix bug when parsing multi delete reply in case of error

The package is available through opam.