[ANN] aws-s3.3.0.0

I’m happy to announce aws-s3 3.0.0.

The aws-s3 library provides access to Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3). Operations include: get, put, delete, delete_multi, ls, multipart upload and s3 to s3 copying.

The library includes functions to get machine role and security token (credentials) through AWS Identity and Access Management service (IAM).

The library supports both lwt and async concurrency models through packages aws-s3-lwt and aws-s3-async.

This release brings a more consistent API and allows for more fine grained error handling. The API changes backward compatibility. Below is the complete changelog for version 3.0.0.

Changes since release 2.0.0:

  • Add parameter to specify scheme(http|https)
  • Fix IAM handling for lwt version.
  • Always use http when accessing s3.
  • Support copying s3 -> s3
  • Support multipart upload
  • Support permanent/temporary redirect error code
  • Return an error indicating the redirect to successive calls
  • Switch to use Digistif
  • Remove support for gzip (Users are encouraged to set the encoding and use ezgzip instead)
  • Compatibility with base.v0.11.0

The package is available through opam.

Anders Fugmann