[ANN] 1sr release of omlr: Multiple Linear Regression modeling (using R under the carpet)


omlr is now available in opam.

# opam info omlr

<><> omlr: information on all versions ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
name                   omlr
all-installed-versions 1.0.2 [default]
all-versions           1.0.2

<><> Version-specific details <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
version       1.0.2
repository    github
url.src:      "https://github.com/UnixJunkie/omlr/archive/v1.0.2.tar.gz"
url.checksum: "md5=4b637863b4bc4ed2e27de45cf0872736"
homepage:     "https://github.com/UnixJunkie/omlr"
bug-reports:  "https://github.com/UnixJunkie/omlr/issues"
dev-repo:     "git+https://github.com/UnixJunkie/omlr.git"
authors:      "Francois Berenger"
maintainer:   "unixjunkie@sdf.org"
license:      "BSD-3"
depends:      "batteries"
              "dolog" {>= "4.0.0"}
              "dune" {>= "1.11"}
              "minicli" {>= "5.0.0"}
synopsis      Multiple Linear Regression model
description   Train a MLR model using R.
                [-i <input.csv>]: input CSV file
                [--NxCV <int>]: number of folds of cross validation
                [-s|--save <filename>]: save model to file
                [-l|--load <filename>]: restore model from file
                [-o <filename>]: predictions output file
                [--no-shuffle]: do not randomize input lines
                [--no-header]: CSV file has no header
                [--no-plot]: don't call gnuplot
                [-d <char>]: field delimited in CSV file (default=',')
                [-v]: verbose/debug mode
                [-h|--help]: show this message

The project is here:

Note that it could be entirely programmed using owl.
However, I find R more portable than owl, hence the hack.