Add metadata to windows executable

Those are build information or the project called ‘weidu’ (full page:

Native OCaml (typically compiled with MinGW), obtained from For less configuration, install to c:/ocaml.
A Cygwin-based *nix toolchain, particularly binutils and make from the Devel group. Perl is also required, but is normally installed by default. Optionally also git (Devel), openssh (Net), zip (Archive) and upx (Utils).
Cygwin-hosted MinGW-GCC, called mingw-gcc-core (Devel) or some such.
 Elkhound (vide infra). For less configuration, place the elkhound binary in Cygwin's /bin directory. Bear in mind the make process does not like paths with spaces.

Run make. Relevant build targets are

How add metadata to compiled windows executable (example ? I have no clue were to start. It’s OCaml related stuff or build system stuff?

You have to tweak your build system. If you use the mingw-toolchain, the following steps should work:

  1. create a resource/manifest file (usually .rc) with version information as described here:
  2. compile it with either i686-w64-mingw32-windres -i myres.rc -o myres.o or x86_64-w64-mingw32-windres -i myres.rc -o myres.o
  3. add myres.o to the files that get linked to the final executable.

I think that you can use windres tool. It is part of cygwin. I’m not sure
what you will have do do with the output of this tool? Maybe, just adding
it to the objects to be linked?

Hoping it can be of any help.


Thanks! I’ve made it.