A new build system API in Dune: please send thoughts, ideas and wishes

Do you have ideas about what a good build API should look like? Are there functionalities you always wished a build system API would give you?

If yes, please write your thoughts, ideas or wishes on the following github ticket: https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues/3571

To give a bit more context, the Dune team is preparing to design a new build system API. This API is what comes in between the core build system engine and the build rules explaining how to go from .ml files to a final executable. The main motivation for doing this work now is to help migrating from Jenga to Dune inside Jane Street. However, eventually we would like to open this API to users, so that everyone can write their own set of build rules outside of Dune. For this reason, we’d like to open the discussion to the community.

Many thanks,