A look back on OCaml 4.*

To celebrate the 0th anniversary of the 4.09.0 release, OCamlPro decided to look back at how far the language and standard library got since 3.12.

If you want to feel old and nostalgic, or if you want see what your elders had to put up with before, feel free to check out our blog.

Happy hacking!


I did find this blog post surprisingly enjoyable and quite interesting – we’ve gone a long way since 2011. I would miss a lot of the features mentioned if they disappeared again.


I agree, it’s hard to imagine giving up on inline records, for example. Or dune :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am also quite surprised to see some features that I take for granted since (it feels like) forever are only somewhat “recently” added. And I have been using OCaml on and off for a while by now.

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