A library for Commitment Schemes

Hi folks! Proudly I announce the stable version of a library for Commitment Schemes using an underlying/implemented AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data) module. This library also uses a KDF (Key Derivation Function) package to make the implemented AEAD a Committing Encryption. Future plans might include user-level configuration of the KDF (for instance, the number of cycles) and also to split and expose the Committing Authenticated Encryption module into an external library.

All code of the Committing AEAD module was inspired on the paper Message Franking via Committing Authenticated Encryption. This 1.0.0 library can be installed with:

$ opam install nocoiner

A command-line interface is also provided on the package. The Docker image with only this CLI interface can be installed with:

$ docker pull marcoonroad/nocoiner

The executable is available at /usr/bin/nocoiner inside the image.

For the project documentation, please refer to:

PRs and issues are welcome. The repository is hosted at:

Thanks in advance and happy hacking. o/