A brief survey for Learn-OCaml Community

Dear all,

[This post is just a follow-up of an earlier message on caml-list, intended to reach more learn-ocaml instructors, so you can ignore this one if you already replied!]

The OCaml Software Foundation is developing the teaching platform Learn-OCaml that provides auto-graded exercises for OCaml, and was initially authored by OCamlPro for the OCaml MOOC: https://ocaml-sf.org/learn-ocaml.

The platform is free software and easy to deploy; this is great, but as a result we keep learning of users/deployments that we had no idea of. We would be interested in having a better view of our user-base.

If you use Learn-OCaml as a teacher, could you fill this Evento survey to let us know?
(the survey will be closed on 2022-02-07)

→ It contains these questions:

  • Where are you using Learn-OCaml? (in which university (a specific course?), which company, online community or…?)
  • Would you like to see your university/company added in github.com/ocaml-sf/learn-ocaml-places?
  • How many students/learners use your deployment in a year?

And just to recall, a few links:

Kind regards,
Erik Martin-Dorel (@erikmd) & Yann Régis-Gianas (@yurug)