6th MirageOS hack retreat - October 3rd - 10th in Marrakesh (Morocco)

It is an entire week of designing, chasing bugs, coding, with a reasonably large group of MirageOS hackers. Similar to earlier retreats, it will take place in the medina of Marrakesh. There is no schedule, but ad-hoc sessions (talks and/or workshops) are appreciated. If you’re interested, find more information in reports from earlier retreats (see https://linse.me/2018/04/20/Visiting-the-camels.html and https://mirage.io/blog/2017-winter-hackathon-roundup and http://ollehost.dk/blog/2017/03/17/travel-report-mirageos-hack-retreat-in-marrakesh-2017/ and even more on http://retreat.mirage.io).

Everybody is welcome, it is usually a mix of MirageOS&OCaml experts and new people, which leads to a good knowledge transfer. Please sign up soon via mail, see details at http://retreat.mirage.io


reminder: please sign up asap – there’s still spots available, we need to finish the numbers with our host soon. thanks!