About Core/Async (9)

This core tag is for discussing the Base/Core/Async suite of libraries. All of these libraries are designed to work well together and share common idioms (though they can be used independently as well) Here’s a quick gu…

About the Ecosystem category (1)
About Web Development (9)

This category is for discussing web development in OCaml, with some of the major pieces of this puzzle being: Frameworks opium is a Sinatra-like framework built on cohttp. Eliom is a more full-featured framework for se…

About Ocsigen (Eliom, Js_of_ocaml, etc.) (3)

Ocsigen is a complete framework for Web and mobile developement in OCaml. Use tag ocsigen for all Ocsigen-related discussions on this site. Ocsigen consists of several mostly independant projects: Js_of_ocaml: a com…

About BuckleScript (15)

BuckleScript is an optimizing compiler which compiles OCaml to readable JS. It is open sourced by Bloomberg since 2016. BuckleScript is also the official JS bakcend for Facebook ReasonML, it has first class support for…

About Lwt: concurrency library (8)

Lwt is a library for concurrent programming in OCaml. It is developed by the community, and is one of OCaml’s most-used libraries. Lwt is based around the familiar concept of promises. When you make an I/O request with …

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