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Quantitative developer position at LexiFi, Paris (1)
Looking for OCaml developers for a Tezos based Decentralised Betting Exchange! (1)
(filled, posting is no longer open) Threat research engineer job, Endgame, US (1)
OCaml job opportunity at Citrix in Cambridge UK (1)
OCaml internship opportunities? (7)
[Job] Haxe Foundation is recruiting a compiler developer (2)
Student intern positions, SAP Innovation Center Network, Potsdam, Germany (1)
Engineer position at INRIA Rennes to work on sat solver (1)
OCaml developer position at Be Sport (2)
RfP #2: Enhance OCaml Interop with Tcl/Tk (1)
Tarides is looking for software engineers to work on MirageOS and Irmin (1)
RfP: Development of ocaml-ooxml (parsers for Open Office XML/Excel XLSX) (1)
Experimented Developer/Lead Tech at Geneanet in Paris (1)
Engineer position at Inria Rennes to work on JSExplain, a JavaScript interpreter in OCaml (1)
OCaml / Ocsigen developer positions (1)
Work on the OCaml compiler at Jane Street (1)
OCaml Internships at LexiFi (France) (1)
Where should job offerings be posted? (9)
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